10 Lessons Learnt Whilst Travelling

Whether you're strolling through the Champs-Élysées or on a tuk tuk to Chiang Mai...


1. Sun cream is actually pretty great. It can save a holiday from ruin. 

2. You will lose things, and get lost.

3. It is always, always, worth double checking which airport you're meant to be going to.

4. It's ok to take advice from strangers.

5. It can make total sense to travel for 24 hours (bus, then boat, then bus, then boat) if it saves you £25 on a journey that could have been just three hours long.

6. The best things you will ever eat are probably cooked on the side of a road. 

7. You will never, ever need a spork.

8. If you're in Mexico City, you should use Uber. Do not walk – it's a trick.

9. After successfully bartering down the price of that must-have jewelled rug, double check the exchange rate is what you thought it was. 

10. If in doubt, order the pancakes.


Words by Tabitha Joyce. The Iris Letter April 2018.