3 Best Backpacks

Richard Brand picks out the three best backpacks for men for the March issue:


RAINS classic backpack

RAINS, the Danish rainwear company, set their first objective to reinterpret the traditional rubber raincoat. Having done so in style, spawning multiple copies and putting their garments firmly on the fashion map, they expanded their collections to include an array of bags and accessories, including the classic backpack all made in the same signature rubber material. 
£75 selfridges.com


Uniqlo 3-Way Bag

This backpack comes top of the class when it comes to practicality. Part tote, part rucksack (thanks to its handy hidden shoulder straps) and part over-the-shoulder laptop/briefcase, it provides over a dozen separate storage areas in one nifty package (with a nifty price tag to boot). 
£34.90, uniqlo.com


Porter Tanker Backpack

Launched in 1964, luggage brand Porter Yoshida are a household name in their native Japan. With a fanatic following closer to home, Porter bags are known for their incredible build quality and timeless stylings and this classic tanker rucksack is no exception. 



Words by Richard Brand. The Iris Letter March 2018.