Sisterhood Flicks

Screen: For a fabulous sisterhood film watch Julia, Meryl Streep's first big-screen role. Starring alongside Jane Fonda, the 70's hit proves that female friendship can defy seemingly impossible boundaries. Re-visit The Parent Trapto indulge in some childhood nostalgia and revel in Annie and Hallie's charming portrayal of sisterhood. 


Stage: Some female friendships tip into the bracket of sisters. No play depicts this more than Di and Viv and Rose. A heartwarming story that centres on 3 young women who meet at university and follows their friendship over the next 20 years. The first play put on by my theatre company, HandmadeTheatr Di and Viv and Rose will be at Tea House Theatre in Vauxhall next January. Follow us on Twitter for updates and booking.  

Words by Allegra Marland. The Iris Letter November 2017