Insiders' Tip: Druid Street Market


For thousands of years the Druids have celebrated the summer solstice. This pagan order - at the core of which lies a love of nature and its changing face throughout the year - gather in vast numbers at Stonehenge in anticipation of the sunrise. But rather than suggesting a trip to Wiltshire I thought I’d keep it local and send you on your merry way to South East London to Druid Street Food Market, a culinary mini-Mecca that supports local businesses and communities. Just a stone’s throw from gastronomic giant Borough Market, and even closer to Maltby Street Market, head to Druid Street for a wide range of goodies including ice cream sandwiches, oysters, creatively conceived toasties and salted caramel peanut butter. Open Saturdays 10am–4pm.

Words by Lucy Chiswell. The Iris Letter June 2016