Curtain Call: Colour


Stay in and watch: Les Parapluie De Cherbourg for colour co-ordination like you have never seen. This beautiful French film starring Catherine Deneuve inspired La La Land and has a soundtrack to light you up in the dark winter. It's my favourite film, full of flirtation and flamboyant colour.

Go out and see: MANWATCHING this February; a super sassy feminist monologue with the most colourful language. Every night a different male comedian reads a piece about love, lust and fantasy written by an anonymous female playwright. The Royal Court's hit goes on tour from 8–24 Feb at venues around the UK.

Explore: Backstage at The Royal Opera House for colours and creations to blow your mind. From touching the tutus to selfies with the sets, it is an affordable and fabulous treat.

Words by Allegra Marland. The Iris Letter January 2018.