Henrietta Rix, co-founder of RIXO

Last summer you couldn't move at a wedding without spotting a RIXO print sashaying across a dance floor. Bold prints, vibrant colours, silk fabrics; these are laughing dresses made for good times.

Back in 2015 when Scandi minimalism and monochrome dominated the scene, London College of Fashion friends Henrietta and Orlagh spotted a gap in the market. With a passion for vintage, the pair decided to create a label that didn't follow the fashions, but rather brought timeless designs bang up to date with prints and colour. Think Ossie Clark tea dresses in a bold leopard print. 

The pair begin by sketching out the print designs, which are then scanned in, tweaked and scaled before being printed and hand painted; a laborious creative process that takes many days. The dresses are then made in China, in a small factory that supplies just a few top designers, in a region known for it's high quality silk, the very same region that supplied the silk for Kate Middleton's wedding dress.

With no external investment the brand is going from strength to strength; a new swimwear line just launched exclusively with NET-A-PORTER. There are plans in the pipeline for knitwear as well as accessories including bags and jewellery. And all this before the brand even reaches its third birthday. When I speak to Henrietta, one half of the RIXO duo, it's the third day of January and she's already in full swing for the year ahead:

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Q&A with RIXO

Can you describe your working relationship?

Orlagh and I are more like sisters. We live together, we go on holiday together, we paint together. Our support for one another has been the key to our success. I am not sure that you could cope with the pressure alone.

Who is the RIXO woman?

Someone artistically minded, who loves colour and print and is willing to have a bit of fun with what they are wearing. That said there is no age limit or specific type, and we love encouraging people who wouldn't usually wear such bold fabrics into our clothes. They always get compliments!

Who are you style heroes?

Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and the Olsen Twins. 

Which one vintage fair would you recommend to Iris readers?

Chelsea Town Hall Frock Me vintage fair. (Next fair 11 Feb frockmevintagefashion.com)

What should you do if you go to a wedding and find someone wearing the same RIXO dress as you?

Laugh! I'm relaxed and that sort of thing wouldn't bother me. I did get an email from a girl who that had happened to and she said it had made her go up to the girl and make friends, they were loving it together! 

If you could only have one RIXO piece what would it be?

The Georgia skirt. You need never wear jeans again. 

RIXO is available online at rixo.co.uk/ and at netaporter.com. You can also find RIXO at a range of stockists including The Cross Shop, and Baar and Bass, find the full list here