Rosamund Brand, 3 weeks old

The Iris Interview shines the spotlight on an inspiring woman every month, whether an 100-year-old Mamgu (Welsh granny) or a pink-haired millennial. This month I turn to my newborn niece, Rosamund who was born on 22nd January and for whom all of life's questions are yet to be answered:

What colour will your eyes be? Will you be dark or fair?

Who will make your cheeks blush as they stroke back your hair?

How long ‘til your lips learn to curve into a smile?

When will those chubby baby legs be fit for a country mile?

Will your voice sound harmony? Have you the ear for a song?

Or could you end up tone deaf, getting the chorus wrong?

Will you ever learn to drive?

Be the teacher’s pet or skive?

Will you be a boisterous one or the shy, retiring kind?

Whatever it is you should choose to be and that which you already are,

We’re mighty glad to have you here, yes, we truly are.


Words by Daisy Allsup, The Iris Letter February 2018.