Tina Brown, The Vanity Fair Diaries


Tina Brown set out to write a book about the 'Roaring '80s', and looking for inspiration, dug out her old diaries, only to find she had already written it. A Londoner, she moved to New York aged 29, after 4 successful years editing editing Tatler and was quickly made Editor-In Chief at Vanity Fair, which granted her a ring side seat to all the glitz, glamour and celebrity that the '80s was famous for. Her account captures fascinating portraits of the movers and shakers of the era, with witty and often acerbic asides. Her publisher likened her account to Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby (another New York must), in that 'she is both enjoying the party and shrewdly observing it at the same time.'

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Words by Imogen Blackwell. The Iris Letter December 2017.