September 2017

The Iris interiors special featuring our interview with Matilda Goad, three treasure trove markets, a majestic Indian palace, Rachael Whiteread at the Tate and more.

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August 2017

Domenica's on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Tabs is splashing into the Hampstead Heath ponds. This August issue brings you postcards from the Iris team's summer holidays.


July 2017

The escape the city issue shows you how to swap London's dusty pavements for fresh air and blue-sky thinking. Find hot tickets to Edinburgh Fringe, meet garden designer Tania Compton, delve into the Great Dixter cookbook and more.

What’s the most romantic garden in the world? There are so many! Dodging the nettles in my grandmother's fruit cage or the crinkle crankle walled garden I would bicycle up to when I was 9 or 10 to pick vegetables.

Tania Compton, The Iris Letter, July 2017


June 2017

In the Iris summer holiday issue discover Slim Aarons pictures, Ibiza hotspots, summer reads and New York's latest cult brand, Glossier. Plus we meet Hunza G founder Georgiana Huddart.

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May 2017

Wellness is the muddling buzzword on everyone's lips but is it just adding pressure? We look at wellbeing through the Iris lens; uplifting paintings, books for coping with grief, buddha bowls and more.


April 2017

Happy Birthday Iris! Our first anniversary issue is a celebration of new beginnings; spring wallpaper, inside the new Bush Theatre, Michelangelo at the National Gallery and an Easter scotch egg recipe.

'Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life’
Pablo Picasso


March 2017

Our male issue. We asked ten male contributors to share things they love; Sir Plus founder Henry Hales on winter clothes, Raymond Carver's poems, an interview with Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons and more.

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February 2017

In the week that David Hockney's retrospective opens at the Tate - the fastest-selling exhibition in the gallery's history - we investigate what it's like to be a young artist today, show you how to start your own collection and more.

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January 2017

What's in style now? We meet Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman, share the secrets to shopping in Paris, review the Barbican's latest fashion exhibition and reveal this season's must-have looks.

You seem to have a very steady sense of self. Have you always been self-possessed or did you become that way? 'I’m sure I wasn’t confident as a teenager. But I’ve never felt I had to be like other people. I didn’t feel a peer group pressure. I just happen to find getting my hair done, getting my make up done or having a manicure boring activities. There’s always something else I’d like to be doing.' 

Alexandra Shulman, The Iris Letter, January 2017

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December 2016

An Iris Christmas. Stocking-fillers to make yourself, ideas for laying the Christmas table, Granny's Christmas recipes, sparkly jumpers and a Lucio Fontana's Concetto spatial.


November 2016

A celebration of London, the wondrous city we call home. A guest recipe from Kricket chef, Will Bowlby, a book on Londoners', Peckham's Copeland Park and a look into the City's oldest church.


October 2016

Leaves are falling, evenings are drawing in and we're feeling bookish. In this literary special we meet journalist Dolly Alderton, find the best recipe books, fall for Rebecca's Helford River and explore London's Literature Festival.

'Long term love should be about growing tall, both separately and together.' Dolly Alderton, The Iris Letter, October 2016


September 2016

Iris goes back to school. Find brilliant careers advice in the form of podcast, Passion Pods, feel inspired by Mondrian's uniform, and tidy your room with some new ladder shelves.


July 2016

July 2016 marks 100 years since the Battle of the Somme. This month's Iris letter looks at war and conflict both past and present.

'Green is happiness, green is peace' Lalange Snow's War Gardens, The Iris Letter July 2016


June 2016

The 20th June marks the summer solstice. Balmy days, long evenings, starry skies and midsummer madness. This is the third issue of Iris, an ode to the longest day.


May 2016

It's May, month of bank holidays so this Iris letter is packed with things to see, read, do and ponder over the next long weekend.


April 2016

Welcome to the first issue of the Iris letter; a modern day common place book brought to you by a group of young women living and working in London.

‘Love your calling with a passion, it is the meaning of your life’ Auguste Rodin